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Kids Activity Calendar

If you're like me, you want to do what you can to get your kids prepared for kindergarten. Unfortunately, there just aren't a lot of fun and easy learning materials out there. You have to sort through a bunch in order to find some really great stuff.

Until now. There's a new program called Kids Activity Calendar:

Each week you will receive coloring sheets and worksheets in your email along with craft and activity suggestions and even a snack
list that incorporates the letter of the week.

Here is a sample page for you to check out. So, enjoy the letter "A" free --

Fight Boredom with Fun At Home

BackYard Camp Out
If they are old enough, let them camp out in the backyard once a week. If they aren't quite old enough to stay out there at night, let them "go camping" during the day. Have them set up a tent and little camp spot in the backyard with lawn chairs, etc. Don't forget to BBQ for dinner that night - and let the kids enjoy their campout meal under the trees :)

Arts and Crafts
Take a trip to the local craft store and stock up on craft supplies. It is amazing what kids can do with string, beads, popcycle sticks and pipe cleaners!

March In A Parade
Have your kids decorate their bikes and wagons for a 4th of July parade (or happy summer parade)... then march through the neighborhood to show off all their hard work!

Sidewalk Chalk


Sprinklers/Inflatable Swimming Pool or Slip and Slide

Make Your Own Pizza and Sundaes

Take It Outside
Do activities you would regularly do inside - outside! Set up a small table for crafts, picnics, and other fun things. Taking it outside can make clean up much easier!

Treasure Hunt
My kids are a bit young (3 and 6) but, this idea worked incredibly well to keep them busy and happily playing together outside for a bit. Make a list of 10 things they will find outside... I drew a picture next to each item. Include things like: blade of grass, pinecone, purple flower, red leaf... things they would find in your backyard. Send them out with their list and let them find the items on the list! If your kids are a bit older, they can create their own maps... or you could bury a real treasure for them to find :) Get creative!



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